You are invited to join in on our services and Bible studies at the applicable times scheduled via Webex Meetings. See our Services page for those times which are all Alaska time. If you are joining from out of state, you will need to calculate the correct time for your area. You can join by video on your computer, tablet or cell phone, or listen in via your phone (cell or landline). We suggest that you try to join the meeting by at least five minutes before the start time to make sure everything is working okay. To join via video, click on the blue "Join Webex Meeting" button below. If you want to join for audio only via cell phone or landline, dial 1-408-418-9388 and follow the instructions. In both instances -- via video or phone -- you will need the 10-digit meeting information/access code to join the meeting. If you do not have the meeting information/access code, you will have to contact the administrator at admin@saintlukekenai.com or 907-283-5455 well in advance of the day you want to join the meeting in order to obtain that number. Once  you have that number, it will remain the same each week unless you are advised by the administrator that the number has changed. It is strongly suggested that you review the three documents below under "Instructions" regarding the use of Cisco Webex Meeting. 

Again, to join in for audio only via phone, dial 1-408-418-9388 and follow the instructions. You will need the 10-digit meeting information/access code number.

In either case -- via video or phone -- make sure your microphone is muted during the service and/or Bible study.

Instructions on Joining Webex Meeting

Note: The three documents below are from a Dropbox account. When you click on one of the buttons to download the document, a pop-up window may appear wanting you to sign in or create an account in Dropbox. Close that pop-up window, as you should not need a Dropbox account to view these documents. If you have problems opening or downloading the documents, contact admin@saintlukekenai.com.

Joining Meeting from Button on SLLC Website Document

 Click on the button below to download the document entitled "Joining Meeting from Button on SLLC Website." This document walks you through steps on joining the Webex Meeting video once you click on the "Join Webex Meeting" button above. It provides you with information on downloading and installing the Cisco Webex Meeting app on your computer or device, as well as how to join the meeting without downloading the app on your computer.

Starting Webex Meeting from App Document

Click on the button below to download the document that instructs you on how to start the Webex Meeting video from the app installed on your computer or device. 

Personal Room and Beyond Document

Clicking on the "Personal Room and Beyond" button below will download a document that provides you with information on different settings available to you once you join the meeting via video. You can learn how to adjust your audio and video settings; change your virtual background; how to use the participants and chat panels and more. We will do our best to update the instructions for using Webex Meeting when they have major changes in their updates. Click on the "New Video Layout Settings" button for changes made to the Webex Meeting video layout settings changed in an update in March 2021.