Church Connect

What Is Church Connect And What Can I Do With It?

Church Connect is a service offered to us via ChurchTrac. ChurchTrac is a service we use to keep track of members, donations, schedules, etc. Depending if you are a member of our church or not will determine to what information you will have access. Members and non-members can make online donations, submit prayer requests, and see the Upcoming Events Calendar using Church Connect. Only members will have access to their profiles, giving history and giving statements, and the member directory.


All that is needed to create a Church Connect account is your name and an email address. To create an account, click on the Church Connect button below. A new secure webpage will open. Click on "Create an Account." Once you create the account, a temporary password will be emailed to you. You will then be required to reset your password. We will not have any knowledge of your password, so please write it down and keep it in a safe place. When you use Church Connect in the future, you will log in to have access to the options available to you. Once you are logged into Church Connect, you can get to the various options that are available (e.g., calendar, prayer request, etc.) by clicking on the menu icon in the upper left corner of the Church Connect window. 


You have three ways to make a donation via Church Connect. You can donate via credit/debit card, ACH (E-check) or SMS/Text messaging (via credit/debit card). With a credit/debit card and ACH (E-check), but not SMS/Text messaging, you can make your deposit once or set a recurring donation for weekly, every other week or monthly. With credit/debit card donations, but not ACH or SMS/Text messaging, you can have an additional 3% charged to your credit/debit card to help cover the processing fee charged by Stripe. This is a nice feature, because some donors want the church to get the entire amount of their donation. This option will appear once you enter the amount of your donation on the Church Connect donation page. The fees for all credit/debit cards (including via SMS/Text Messaging)  is 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. The fee for an ACH (E-check) is 25 cents per transaction.


Members and non-members can view the calendar under "Upcoming Events" and can submit a prayer request by going to the "Welcome!" page.


Only members can view and change items in their profile. They also can view their giving history and view their giving statement. They can view the member directory. On the directory page at the top center there is a tab the member can click on if they want their information displayed in the directory. The default setting is that a member's information is not displayed.